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Reports and policies Documents that work are those that are actually read by their intended readers and (more importantly) remembered and acted upon. We work closely with clients in the public sector and with social partner organisations to produce economic and technology analyses, policy statements and guidelines, white papers and reports. Our audience-centred approach to writing and editing helps ensure that we: Capture the critical ideas that our clients want to get across to their     audience; Put together a solid, persuasive and convincing argument; Develop a coherent story that places narrative emphasis where it is most     appropriate; and Use effective labelling so that the audience can find what they are     looking for and has the 'licence to skip' parts that are not immediately     relevant to them.
Need help with that critical report? Talk to us before you begin drafting that report. We can advise you on how to organise your thoughts and how to get started on the drafting process. The outcome: a document that works for its intended purpose, and that communicates effectively with its audience. Email: evaluation@redact.ie
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