Procurement support Process documents / a documented process Managing a procurement process involves writing a wide range of documents, including contract notices, requests for tender, questionnaires, forms of tender, letters of award, letters to unsuccessful tenderers, structured forms, and so on.  All of these documents must set out the Contracting Authority's requirements clearly and unambiguously, and they must be developed within a clearly-defined process. The Contracting Authority must get the product or service that it needs at     a competitive price. The competing tenderers must understand the requirements and must be     evaluated fairly against clear and transparent award criteria. The entire process must be documented and managed in accordance with     EU and national regulations and guidelines. The procurement activity must be managed efficiently so that it does not     absorb a disproportionate amount of the Contracting Authority's resources     and expertise. The procurement support that we offer clients centres on helping them to specify their requirements to the market in a way that ensures they obtain products and services that are appropriate to their needs.
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