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1. Detailed brief and project plan
Standard processes
Define requirements The final document(s) must deliver the client's messages to the intended audience(s), and must elicit the desired response from the readers. These success criteria are established and agreed at the start of the project. To do this, we need to understand the primary purpose of the document, its role in the client's overall business strategy, and the characteristics, needs and interests of the intended audience. If the audience is diverse - for example in terms of prior knowledge or familiarity with the subject matter, interest in particular topics, responsibility for decision-making or influencing, conditions of use, etc. - this needs to be given particular attention, as it will influence the structure of the document(s), as well as the tone, language and presentation formats. Agree standards We agree the style guidelines and standards that are to be applied. These are based on the client's house style (where available) and on publication industry standards such as Oxford Manual of Style, Chicago Manual of Style, The Times Style and Usage Guide, Guardian Style, and Butcher's Copy- editing. Identify constraints In consultation with the client, we identify deadlines, budgets, access to subject-matter experts, availability of source materials, and other factors that may affect the project. Plan the project The project plan covers: Resources (budget, schedule and people); Risks that might affect project delivery; and Communication processes and norms to be used     during the project.
Stage 1: Detailed brief and project plan