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2. Information analysis and design
Standard processes
Sources of information We assess any available written source material, in terms of its suitability for purpose. We consult with subject- matter experts (technical and marketing) to capture key message requirements and clarify issues. We experiment with product/process to determine typical user behaviour. Missing information We research background information necessary for understanding the subject matter. We conduct desk research to update material and establish authoritative sources for facts cited in the document. Any such changes are flagged in the draft submitted to the client. Incorrect information Where source material is internally inconsistent or has been identified as out of date or wrong, we use published sources to correct it. Any such issues are brought to the client's attention. Media analysis We agree with the client the appropriate medium and format for the communication. Information design We develop a list of topics to be covered in the document, and an outline structure showing how these topics will be covered. We develop the signposting scheme that will be used to facilitate ease of access, browsing and quick reference.