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3. Information development
Standard processes
Writing Writing the text is at the heart of what we do, and it usually consumes most of the time and effort. We work collaboratively with our clients to progress documents through a series of reviewed drafts. Where necessary, we liaise with technical experts, subject-matter experts and designated client management personnel. Technical checks We liaise with the client to ensue that our editing does not compromise the accuracy and precision of the content. We require the client to sign off on the technical content of the material. Content check We check the content of the document for internal consistency (terminology, facts, logic, diagrams and text, etc.), for gaps or unreasonable assumptions, for unnecessary repetition, for ambiguity or lack of precision, for lack of clarity in expression, and for any mismatches between content and presentation devices. Check language, tone, spelling, grammar, syntax We check the text to ensure that the language and tone are suited to the intended audience and that it adheres to house style and/or normal publication standards. We check the captioning of images, diagrams and tables, and make sure that all cross-referencing is correct. We ensure that documents are effectively organised and give readers appropriate 'signposts'. Navigational aids / meta data We develop cover, title page, copyright notices, publication details, table of contents, index, and appropriate meta data as necessary. Indexes are developed to include relevant synonyms and related terms, even if these are not used in the text. Graphic design This work proceeds in parallel with the writing/editing work. It may be carried out internally by Rédacteurs or by an external design house, commissioned either by Rédacteurs or by the client. Proof reading In advance of publication (or hand-over to design) we conduct a thorough proof reading to ensure that: The text is correct in all details and that all required changes have been correctly implemented; References and cross-references are accurate; Pictures and other graphics are in the correct location in     the text, and are correctly captioned; and Typographic conventions and other elements of house      style have been consistently observed. Pre-press proofing We proof documents after they have been through design and layout to confirm the integrity of the finished product in its printed or online form. If considered necessary we also check page proofs at the printers to confirm correct fonts, colour balance, imposition, etc.