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Making technology available The information that you give your customers tells them a lot about your products and services. But it also tells them a lot about you and about your commitment to quality and to supporting their information needs. The business of communicating complex information involves a wide variety of disciplines. Our particular strength is our ability to write clear, concise and compelling English. How information is structured is critical to how well it delivers value to its users. Labelling is a vital tool to help readers find what they are looking for and skip the rest with confidence. Nobody wants to read the whole manual from cover to cover. Our writers all have a broad cultural background and can empathise with a variety of audiences. We also have the ability (and the confidence) to criticise and ask the right questions. Often, we're the first people outside of the development team to see a new product or service in operation, and we bring fresh eyes and constructive criticism  – in some cases, a small change in the interface can save many pages of explanation and many hours of customer support resources.
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Manuals, guides, online help For IT and consumer electronics products, we develop user support solutions that encompass the whole range of printed and web-based user support materials. Are you planning a new product or service? Contact us now for a free consultation on how to plan the development of your user support materials. Email:
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